ZVKY is among the leading 2D animation outsourcing companies. We have an experienced team of designers, animators, game developers and creative artists who help to deliver outstanding solutions for all your creative requirements. Our bespoke game art designing services makes us a preferred partner for our clients.

Equipped with the skills and expertise to deliver the best 2D animation services, we possess in-depth knowledge and expertise to create appealing and attractive graphics. We utilize the most advanced tools and innovative methods to fulfil unique game art requirements. If you have a concept in mind, we can give shape to your vision. Our team has worked on numerous projects to develop and design 2D game art for console games.

ZVKY, today ranks among the most efficient 2D animation companies. We have also developed game art concepts for mobile games, web-based games, HTML 5, Xbox and Sony PlayStation games. You can also browse through our product portfolio to get a detailed overview of the projects handled by ZVKY. Our experts have impeccable knowledge and understanding of 2D game animation. This ensures maximum customer satisfaction and exceptional project quality, every time.

With a growing number of gaming platforms and the continuous need for new and innovative content, the demand for the best 2D game animation services is constantly on the rise. It gives companies like ours a great opportunity to experiment with varied styles and formats. As we continue to upgrade our services, we remain committed to creating the finest 2D animations for our clients.

Our 2D Animation Services

As a 2D game animation company, we have the expertise to undertake customized projects. We can tailor our services to your requirements and concentrate on unique styles, formats, techniques, game assets, characters and other aspects to enhance the look and feel of your game.

We assist clients from different verticals with our extensive range of 2D animation services. Take a look at what we can offer you.

2D Character Animation

Looking to design a 2D character for your upcoming project? Contact us and we shall help you to bring your ideas to life with our smart and advanced solutions. We will help to design a character from scratch and create life-like characters

Props and Environment Animation

Whether you like to create a modern, futuristic or retro style environment, our 2D animators are prepared to deliver the highest standards of service. ZVKY also understands the need to introduce 2D props that enhance an animated project. Accordingly, we study every aspect of your project and design props that can enhance the aesthetics of your game.

Realistic Motion Styling

Creating an animation is not our prime objective. Unless we create a flawless motion sequence, the graphic images will not convey our idea. So, we strive to inculcate realistic motion in every animation project, depending on its specific requirements.

Technical Simulation

To make our projects truly outstanding, our experts offer technical simulations that add a new dimension to animations.


We also offer varied marketing initiatives for our clients. It not only increases your brand visibility but also enables you to reach out to a target audience easily.

Our Professional 2D Animation Process

At ZVKY, we have a team of talented designers and artists who have the necessary skills to seamlessly complete 2D animation projects. Our 2D animation process is conducted in the following way:

Concept Creation


Any project starts with an idea. We talk to our clients to get a thorough understanding of their requirements. Our team determines an appropriate concept and accordingly starts sketching of characters, sequences, scripts etc.

Preparing a Storyboard


To create a transparent picture, we develop a storyboard. It involves the story flow, its characters, design elements, environmental concepts as well as the special requirements for its production.

Visual Representation


A visually enriched presentation offers a better view of any project. At this stage, our experts clearly define the scope and objective of every character or the plot. It is the beginning of graphics-rich content that will be eventually shaped to form a final product.

Clean-up process


After finalizing the designs, we add colours and textures to the animation to produce the final drawing.



The keyframe is then developed to add specific movements to the animation. It also determines the timing for changing key-frames.

Content, composition and editing


Our experts take great care to enhance the content and composition of every 2D animation project. At this stage, necessary editing is done to retain only the most relevant portions of the project. At this stage, voice-overs are also given, depending on the nature of the assignment.

Final product


Finally, we help to create a lively animation that has the power to engage our audience

Key strengths of our 2D animation services

We offer the best 2D game animation services and our strength lies in the following:

  • 2D concept creation
  • Video game concept art
  • Animation designing and development
  • Introduction of interactive features
  • Realistic motion graphics
  • Technical simulation
  • Advanced animation production

Why Outsource 2D Animation to ZVKY

Your search for reliable and trustworthy 2D animation services end at ZVKY. Our knowledge and expertise enable us to fulfil the complex demands of animation projects. We are renowned as one of the best 2D animation outsourcing companies and have a team of professional designers and developers to assist you every step of the way.

2D game art outsourcing services enable companies to assure the success of mobile applications and games. With our comprehensive service portfolio, we can offer video game concept art for all your projects.

Here’s why you can trust us to deliver the best.

  • Expertise in innovative 2D and 3D game art
  • Constantly growing client list
  • Experience in handling varied projects




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Frequently Asked Questions

2D animation outsourcing companies offer varied services. To hire the best, you must take a look at their skillset and portfolio. Arrange a meeting with the agency and discuss your requirements. Conduct interviews and enquire about their expertise in 2D and 3D animation development. Take a look at their client list also to get a fair understanding of the kind of projects they can handle. Our 2D services are tried and tested by numerous clients and you too can rely on us for exceptional service.

2D animation is completed in 4 major steps – Planning, pre-production, animation creation and the post-production process.

At ZVKY, we use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Autodesk and other advanced software to create fascinating 2D images.

The cost of 2D animation varies from one project to the other. While some companies charge on a per-project basis, others can also offer hourly rates. Depending on the complexity, design specifications and other aspects of an animated video, costs can be variable.

2D animation is quite cost-effective and is easy to implement. As a result, many companies are preferring 2D animations.

2D animations for games and graphics can be complex and time-consuming. Therefore, outsourcing 2D animation services to experts help companies to create appealing graphics specific to their requirements.

With professional tools and software, 2D animation service providers deliver high-quality designs that enhance the overall aesthetics of your application.

2D animation is the technique that adds movements and actions to toons and characters or any object on a two-dimensional space. Here a series of 2D pictures are sequenced over each other for a particular time.

ZVKY offers 2D art animation and 2D Art outsourcing services. Both of them focus on creating engaging and interactive mobile applications and games using 2D images and state-of-the-art animation tools.

2D animation can engage people with powerful stories and relatable characters. Animation can create an impact more than just writing does. It is a perfect way to communicate ideas to kids and adults alike.

Moreover, for businesses 2D animation marketing plays a pivotal role in building a brand image.

Whether you want to build a games portal or an animation video, the process includes 4 main stages: Storyboard, Audio, Animatic, Layout. It starts with creating a video script followed by a storyboard. Once these are finalized, 2D animators start working on creating creative and unique caricatures which the script demands.

The next step involves adding animations to these creations and providing the necessary and suitable background music to the story. Finally, every clip is set to create a smooth story flow.

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