2D art has become an indispensable element of any media content. From games to advertising, it is widely used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the content. It is a two-dimensional art form comprising an extensive array of artwork like graphics, drawings, photographs, illustrations and comics. To fulfill the demands of the 2D game art design, software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch Up and others are used by professional 2D game art outsourcing companies .

At ZVKY, we have teams of talented designers who are geared to deliver the best 2D game art services. They create amazing visuals that play a pivotal role in enhancing the look and feel of a game. With years of experience in this field, we understand the client’s requirement and provide immaculate solutions. We can help you design characters, concepts, environments and also provide our expertise in architectural design.

Develop Smart and Innovative 2D Game Art with ZVKY

If you are looking for a comprehensive 2D game art development platform, you have come to the right place. ZVKY can help you to develop smart, innovative and engaging games. We have a quick turnaround time and based on your specific requirements, we can prepare illustrations, mood boards, characters and other 2D game art design

.We specialize in creating superior quality content that takes the gaming experience to a completely new level. The compelling and immersive games developed by our artists and designers can be extremely useful for attracting your target audience. If you are trying to shape creative ideas into visual representations, ZVKY is ready to assist you.

We work with a team of professionals and our skilled artists offer a wide range of 2D game art services. If you have a concept in mind, share it with us. We will develop the concept and create solutions that can portray your ideas in the most efficient manner. Our skilled artists are equipped with the necessary tools to take care of every stage of the production process. 2D art creation is a specialized task and our team can create any style or art form. Whether you need cartoons, matte paintings, photo-realistic images, vector or raster, we are ready to fulfil your needs.

2D Art Services Provided by ZVKY

With ZVKY you can bring alive your imagination. Our creative artists and talented designers can easily transform ideas into visually appealing art. Using the latest technology, advanced software and the finest creative talents in the industry, we create immersive 2D art. For all your 2D game art outsourcing needs, trust us to deliver the highest standards of service.

Our 2D art services consist of the following:

2D Modelling Services

2D UI Design

Storyboard Sketching

Concepts for Games

Character Design

Environment objects

2D Art for Games and Applications

ZVKY has a comprehensive games and application development process. Our 2D artists take a keen interest to deliver smooth and seamless services. Taking into consideration the unique requirements of games and varied applications, our team brainstorms and ideates on the latest trends. In order to make a game or an application visually appealing, we experiment with different techniques, colours, models and illustrations.Along with this, we continuously upgrade and enhance other game elements with 2D art. To improve the game environment, access controls and characters, our 2D artists utilize the most advanced software and technological tools.

Our game development modules also take into consideration various risks associated with game and application development. We can help to fix bugs, update content regularly and offer comprehensive support after release. Besides, our team will carry out rigorous testing to ensure a great user experience. With our comprehensive support services, we provide reliable and trustworthy maintenance services for every stage of app and game development.

Why choose ZVKY for 2D game art outsourcing?

Our 2D game designers are trained to deliver spectacular compositions, landscapes and illustrations that add life to imaginary concepts. The 2D game art outsourcing service at ZVKY includes everything from animations, vectors and isometric art to game design and development. We also offer UI/UX design services to our clients.

Our artists display unmatched skills that enable them to break barriers between the real and virtual world. Utilizing advanced technology and innovative methods, we aspire to add life to images and visuals. And if you are looking to improve the visibility of your game and reach your target audience, we can help to create engaging marketing campaigns.

With us, you can rest assured about timely delivery. Once you outsource a project to ZVKY, we start working on it according to your schedule. We also have a team of dedicated and professional designers and artists who can make the entire process simple and efficient. Besides, outsourcing saves a lot of time and you have the flexibility to do things that require more attention.

Here’s why you must select us for your outsourced game art solutions.

  • A reputed service provider with a growing client base
  • A dedicated team of professionals offering highly specialized services
  • Extremely affordable rates
  • Experienced team of designers and game developers
  • Highly creative team
  • Expertise in 2D and 3D projects
  • Services at par with the best in the industry

ZVKY has a comprehensive suite of solutions covering every aspect of game art. We will take your suggestions and implement them from the beginning to the end of each project. Our team also strives to offer services at reasonable rates. Get in touch with us now to discuss your game ideas!




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Frequently Asked Questions

2D art or two-dimensional art consists of artwork done on a plane. It utilizes the dimensions of height and width but, it lacks depth. Drawing, sketching and painting are the most basic forms of 2D art. These have been now modified to suit the demands of digital media. ZVKY has experienced 2D artists trained to deliver exceptional projects within fixed deadlines.

Before choosing the best 2D game art companies, it is necessary to check whether they have experienced artists, UI/UX designers. A team of talented and creative professionals can make a massive difference to your project. Check out their portfolio of projects to get a fair understanding of the kind of work they have handled. The use of innovative and advanced techniques and sophisticated tools ensure brilliant output. You can also check out their client list to get an idea about their reputation in the industry. Finally, you should look out for companies who are willing to implement your ideas and vision in the project.

  • It ensures maximum flexibility of operations.
  • Ensures cost-effective services
  • Enables timely delivery of services
  • Outsourcing prevents the need to hire in-house professionals with specialized skills
  • Overhead costs are minimized significantly
  • The process of creating impeccable 2D Art involves planning, Pre-production, animation, and post-production. It starts with planning, where the concept, visuals, and characters are finalized.
  • It is then communicated to the animators through the pre-production stage. Animators then use the input to bring them to life. The animation then goes through a post-production stage that involves editing and adding relevant media elements to produce the final animation video.

Choosing the right 2D game artists with exceptional talent who give life to your ideas within your budget is a risky task. The first step to hiring 2D game artists is to check their portfolios and skillsets. Next comes their pricing. If both of thesework well, you can hire them and start your journey towards cheating enjoyable 2D games.

The process of making 2D art, involves creative and software skills and years of expertise. To get the best 2D game art, you need professionals. The best way is to outsource your 2D game art requirements to proficient, and domain-specific 2D game artisans who are capable of using the best technologies to deliver a quality product on time.

2D game art, like any other 2D animation project, goes through multiple stages of production. The most crucial is the 2D game environment design and animations. The 2D game designers use the latest software to deliver animation and background designs to make your 2D game art engaging and intriguing.

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