With amazing landscapes and fascinating characters, video games are designed to capture the imagination of a target audience. A gripping video game comes alive with best video game concept art. It is basically a preview of the places, characters or objects that are displayed in the game. Video game developers work with multiple concepts and ideas. They try to visualize every design in varied ways to create the most suitable look.

A video game concept artist generally deliberates over multiple ideas for days. It takes a lot of time to arrive at a final design. 2D game art outsourcing companies provide clients with creative options for different video game assets. The game is developed only when all of it is approved by the client. An artist first sketches the characters and other important features of the game.

With the help of programmers, game art designers and other professionals at ZVKY add life to these characters and enhance the gaming experience. Our product development team has a thorough knowledge of the commencement of a video game and if you are looking for the best video game concept art, you have certainly come to the right place.

Why concept art matters

Concept art is the first and foremost requirement for game development. It is the stepping stone that directs designers towards the future course of action. It is the bridge between the initial idea and its execution. The concept art determines how a video game will finally look like, and therefore, the initial design is critical.

At ZVKY, our artists, game concept designer and game developers work to create stunning visuals. With their extensive experience in this field and expertise to use high-end technology, they can easily make imaginations a reality. If you have an idea or a concept in mind or wish to enhance the design of an existing game, get in touch with us. We will make major adjustments to modify the designs and create something unique as well as attractive. Our main aim is to curate engaging content and we leave no stone unturned to realize this mission.

In order to deliver exceptional outputs, we have a strong focus on the concept art. We know how important it is to develop an idea. And for any game to succeed, its concept art must be convincing. Besides, the concept art also influences the creative visualization of a project.

The Advent of Game Concept Art

With the rising popularity of games and animation, concept art has continuously evolved over the years. From mere sketches and illustrations, we now use digital mediums to showcase a concept. This is a limitless domain where creativity knows no bounds. It explores multiple dimensions of a story with varied ideas and visuals.

The Disney studios were probably the pioneers of this craft when they introduced brilliant animations on screen. However, sketching and illustrations have been in use long before the advent of the visual media. The best video game concept art involves a seamless flow of creative ideas and their visual representation. To achieve this objective, concept artists have to brainstorm and research the varied elements of a game. The gaming landscape, environment, colours, characters and the overall theme of the game is taken into consideration before designing a concept.

At ZVKY, the top concept art outsourcing studio, we have sharpened our skills and employ the best talents in the industry. We have the ability to blend conventional knowledge with modern technology to create the finest video games. Our artists have redefined gaming concepts over the years and we deliver services that are at par with the best in the industry.

Game Concept Art Services by ZVKY

ZVKY has earned a reputation as a reliable concept art company. We work with clients from varied verticals and we utilize the most advanced and modern tools for game art designing. Our team is committed to delivering unique solutions that are designed to ensure perfection.

We offer various types of Concept Art including:

  • Character Concept Art
  • Game Backgrounds Concept Art
  • 2D and 3D Concept design

Take a look at our portfolio of services to gather insight about the kind of projects we have undertaken so far.

What is 3D game concept art?

The term concept art is often used in a broader sense. Basically, it refers to the visual representations of the basic idea that is developed before creating a game. 3D concept art video game is a modern trend that has become quite popular due to the demand for extremely engaging and eye-catching games.

It not only explores the dimensions of length and width but also provides depth to every object created for the game. 3D designs make the game realistic and life-like. It provides detailed and in-depth visuals of game assets. Moreover, 3D concepts are easier to grasp and enable proper visualization of any idea from the very first steps of game development.

Take a look at our portfolio of services to gather insight about the kind of projects we have undertaken so far. We have worked with renowned clients from across the world and have the knowledge and expertise to design excellent video games. Get in touch with us now to get a fair understanding of our professional services.

Game Concept Art Examples

The team of video game concept artists and designers from our renowned concept art studio have produced ideas for miscellaneous genres. Based on the game objective and its genre such as adventure, puzzle, quest, etc. we try to bring alive every design. For example, games with an adventure quest need to portray a protagonist. We develop these characters and stylize them appropriately. Similarly, we can portray realistic or fantasy characters with ease. We can also include retro styles and conventional designs

Why Choose ZVKY for Concept Art Design?

With an eye for detail, we have captured our client’s concepts into remarkable visual representations. For years, ZVKY has fulfilled customer demands with 2D game outsourcing services. We also have the expertise to develop video game art design and 3D concepts that can efficiently engage the target audience. Below are some of the factors which set us apart from others.

  • Fast and efficient turnaround times
  • Strict adherence to deadlines
  • Team of experienced UI/UX designers
  • Professional team of art designers, concept artists and creative mavericks
  • Use of sophisticated technology and modern equipment to enhance performance
  • One-stop-solution for concept art development/ game development
  • Featured among the top 2D animation outsourcing companies
  • Strives to deliver maximum customer satisfaction




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This is a glimpse of our recent concept art work done for some of the top tier projects. Comprising of characters, monsters, creatures, weapons, vehicles, armors, environments and bots in a mix of art styles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Video game concept artists play an active role in creating concept art. However, it is the combined efforts of art directors, asset creators, designers and concept artists that help to add life to ideas. The process generally starts with the creation of 2D art models which are gradually moulded into digital assets. ZVKY’s team coordinates with each other to give shape to the most brilliant ideas.

Creating concept art for video games is a specialized task. It generally begins with an idea. Once it is approved, further research is carried out to add detailed gaming objects like environments and characters. Gradually, video game worlds are created and levels are designed. While illustrations form the first steps of asset building, it slowly incorporates other elements to enrich the visual effects.

Zvky –featuring a team of video game concept artists, is one of the leading video game concept art companies in India. With our help, you can get access to a wide range of modern game art and development services from the design experts.

With the help of the in-depth industry knowledge & expertise, you can be assured of the best outcomes. Having over a decade of relevant industry expertise, the designers at Zvky are capable of providing game art & animation development as well as integration services to the clients.

Zvky is an excellent service provider of top-class video game concept art designing services along with professional animation and 3D designing services. You can also get access to solutions related to illustrations, game design & development, marketing materials, concept art, and so more.

The main objective of concept art is to offer a visual representation of the design, idea, and mood of the video games or animations. With the help of innovative game concept art designing services from Zvky, you can draw the attention of the target audience easily.

A character artist or character designer helps in creating the entire concept of the video game or animation. Our experts at Zvky are highly skilled as well as trained to create the most innovative & imaginative character concepts for designing bespoke, interactive games for the audience.

Simply put, video game concept art is an animated visual representation of a story or a particular concept. In video games, let the players understand the pretext of the games and enjoy an immersive experience. Video game concept art helps in creating a reference point for the creative design team while developing the video games.

Video game concept artists play an instrumental role in the creative and production stages of developing video game art. They use their artistic abilities and technical adeptness to help companies create exceptional designs that match the concept and intent of the video.

The increase in demand for realistic video games with high-quality animations has also propelled the demand for concept artists. These artists use their skills to develop video games based on a given idea.

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