Over the last few years, video games have become very popular. From kids to adults, video games attract people of all age groups. A market study forecasts that the revenue generated by the video gaming industry will reach $200 billion by 2023. While there is a huge scope for growth and development in this domain, it also means that there is equally high competition. To capture the huge market for video gaming, you need to make the best impression by using stunning and realistic animations.

ZVKY offers animation outsourcing solutions for companies across all verticals and sectors. We have a team of professional graphic designers and animators who are experts in various types of animations. Avail our 2D or 3D animation services to build compelling and challenging games.

Popular Types of Animations

The core aim of building a video game is to grab the user’s attention and turn them into loyal players. In order to do this effectively, we need to use the right type of animation. The most popular types of animations are:

Why Outsource Animation Services to Indian Studios?

Outsourcing animation is a great option for companies that want to augment their presence in the competitive gaming market. There are many benefits of availing game animation outsourcing services.

Talented and creative pool

India has a rich history of art, culture, architecture, painting and other creative arts. There is a little bit of colour, design, pattern, and a lot of creative thinking in the everyday lives of the Indians. That’s why, if you want stunning and imaginative concepts to capture the minds and hearts of the viewers, it’s best you leave it to the artistic Indians.

Top-class technology

The animation studios in India are of world-class standards. We are early adopters of the latest animation technologies and tools. Quick learners, we easily adapt to the emerging landscape of animation design to create incredible animations that say exactly what you want to convey.

Flexible business options

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing animation services to Indian studios is that you can avail flexible project and pricing models. You can either outsource the entire project offshore to an Indian animation studio or hire one employee to work in-house in your organization.

Quick Turnarounds

Hire the best outsource animation studios who have a large pool of creative designers as well as access to the best quality tools. So, you can expect fast turnarounds of the projects without any drop in the quality of the output.

Affordable Pricing

India is one of the top hotspots for outsourcing animation services because of the affordability it provides. The second reason is that, even if the pricing is low, the quality is always high and consistent. Setting up an internal team to work on a few projects can be very expensive for your organization. Your best option is to outsource animation services to a reliable and reputed animation outsourcing company in India, like ZVKY.

Why Choose ZVKY for Animation Outsourcing?

ZVKY is one of the top animation outsourcing companies based in Bangalore. We have a diverse pool of talented designers who think out of the box. Our expertise in animation solutions helps us deliver personalized and highly creative animation solutions for our clients.  We have a diverse portfolio that includes a range of animation services, from 3D animation to mobile game development.Contact us to know more about our team and to outsource animation services.

You will love watching our highly detailed animations over and over again. Here’s a sneak peak into some of our recent animations produced for different genres of games.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most important stages in animation development include concept and storyboards, 3D modelling, texturing, rigging, animation, lighting, camera setting, rendering, compositing and special VFX, music and Foley, editing and the final output.

Outsourcing is a great option is you are facing a dearth of animation designers. When you opt for 3D animation outsourcing, you will be hiring the services of a team of expert artists who will dedicatedly work through the different stages of animation development. When you outsource animation services, you will not only receive high-quality outputs, but you can also expect the projects to be completed on time.

In India, many talented animation artists work for animation development agencies like ZVKY. You can hire the service of the animation artists for your project requirements after doing thorough background research about the company and by assessing the previous projects done by the animation artists.

Some of the most highly experienced animation designers in India have all the necessary specializations and skill levels to work on a wide range of animation projects. They have an in-depth understanding and practical experience in animation production, as well as knowledge of software such as 3DsMax, Maya, Moho, MotionBuilder, and more. You can get in touch with us to hire the services of these top animation designers in India for your project requirements.

At ZVKY we offer the following animation development services: Storyboards, Spine animation, flash animation, slot animation, and Dragonbones animation. As a client, you can share with us your specific animation outsourcing requirements.

2D & 3D game development, Gamification solutions, Single-player and multi-player games, gambling games and gaming solutions with social media integration, etc., are some of the services offered by ZVKY.